Friday, May 24, 2024

The Vorgebirgstrauben Cucumber

For some reason, I tend to grow a lot of cucumber varieties with long names. The Vorgebirgstrauben, or ‘Vorge’ for short is no exception. I really enjoyed this unique German pickling cucumber.



I really like when a cucumber variety like 'Vorge' has defining characteristics that set them apart form other cultivars. With conspicuous black spines and stubby dimpled fruit that is darker on the stem side than the ends, it is unlikely that the Vorge would not be mistaken for any other cucumber variety in the garden. 





As advertised, the Vorgebirgstrauben cucumber possessed dense flesh and was very productive. These characteristics make it ideal as a pickling cucumber. Though the flavor wasn’t bad, I definitely prefer slicing cucumbers to be at least free of spines, if not dimples.

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