Monday, January 14, 2019

Tondo Barese Sementi

After growing out the Tondo Barese this year, I finally have a supply of seed to last me a little while.

Altogether, I have saved 329 grams or 11 5/8 ounces, or over 72% of a pound.

My Tondo Barese was pretty consistent. One of the white carosello was incredibly big (well over 2 pounds), but altogether all of my plants grew rather well.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Growing with Soil Blocks

If you enjoy starting tomatoes, you grow many different varieties and you are always short on space, I would definitely suggest trying out soil blocks. I use something a lot like the 2" Ladbrooke Soil Blocker. I also have the miniature blocker for lettuce seeds, though it almost never seems to work very well. I believe the 2" is a lot more of a manageable and forgiving size to work with.

Though other vegetables can be started in soil blocks, tomato plants seem to do exceptionally well in them. Here are a few pictures of last year's tomato plants in soil blocks. I believe most of them are the Hahms Gelbe with the two taller tomatoes being a Redhouse Freestanding tomato plants.