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The Gardener: I am an amateur organic garden enthusiast in Fairfield, California. Though my hobby is gardening, the bulk of my life outside of work consists of spending time with my wife and raising four children.

My New Garden: Since November 2016.

So, my current home in Fairfield, California has a small 10x20 square foot plot, with most of it available for gardening space. This is about all my garden is right now, though I will be sure to update this page as time goes on.

My new garden in the fall.

This page is still under construction... Gathering thoughts. (=

My Previous Garden: Until 2015
Though my initial post describes me well enough, more information would help to provide some background about myself and my gardening.

The Gardener: I am an amateur organic garden enthusiast working in the desert climate of Tucson, Arizona. Though my hobby is gardening, the bulk of my life outside of work consists of spending time with my wife and raising four children.

My family enjoying some produce

The Gardens: My garden consists of two plots. One plot is along a south-facing wall along the north of my property and another plot is more towards the middle of my yard, next to my shed. The plot along the south facing wall I utilize as my winter garden and includes an area I call “The Kids’ Garden”. The plot towards the middle of my property is used in the summer. Both plots are 2' deep lowered beds that I water between 1-3 times a week using a simple timer and soaker hose. I furlough and “feed” the off-season plots with lots of organic matter to enable my gardens to recuperate from the heavy demands of my intense growing practices.

Side view of Winter Garden

A birds-eye view of my Summer Garden

What I grow: With a family to feed, I focus the majority of my growing efforts on vegetables. Some of the criteria I use to determine what veggies I will plant include what the family will eat, the upkeep required to maintain a plant, and if the cultivar (specific variety) of vegetable is captivating enough to maintain my interests. To me, seed saving is an integral part of the gardening process.

Gardening Philosophy: The gardener is the steward of a living organism (the soil). Garden soil is akin to a stomach that needs plenty of quality organic matter to maintain the healthy bacteria that lead to healthy plants. The title of this blog originates from my desire to apply science and research to organic gardening. My garden teaches me much more than I could ever teach it.

Saving seed: I grow open-pollinated varieties because I feel that they are not “fixed” but, though selection, can be adapted to my specific climate and needs. Selecting for desirable traits in a specific vegetable rather than hybridizing two separate varieties enables me to move a little closer to my goal each year, rather than spend the next 7 generations culling, or removing off-types, of a specific vegetable. Each of us can adapt, and so can the vegetable varieties we grow. Selecting for desirable traits requires patience, time commitment, and keen observation.

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