Friday, May 17, 2024

The Tokiwa Cucumber

For me, the Tokiwa was a very good long Japanese-style cucumber. Apparently very disease resistant, most east Asian cucumber varieties are also very tolerant of the heat. One Japanese variety I previously grew, Yomato, did extremely well and was very productive despite being grown in Tucson in late July and early August. Likewise, Tokiwa took the heat of the garden very well.





Though my plants grew well, I believe the Tokiwa cucumbers would have done much better than they did if I had given it more space. I would definitely grow this variety in full sun and trellis the vine so that the fruit can have ample room to spread and so that the hanging fruit can grow straighter.




Above anything else that impressed me about the Tokiwa cucumber was the texture. The first bite took be by surprise as the fruit had a outer crispness and an inner tender texture that I really enjoyed.

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