Friday, May 10, 2024

The Tasty Tanja Cucumber

As it goes with standard cucumbers, the Tanja was definitely this season’s favorites.









Despite being a bit curved for a standard cucumber, it was quite tasty. The fact that I have to say that a curved cucumber can still taste good is quite absurd. While I will not outright state that curved cucumbers taste better, it is interesting to note that many standard cucumber varieties have been so intensely bred with the ability to ship and specific length, width and weight requirements that, judging by flavor, palatablity is one of the last concerns of a breeder working on any fruit that is destined for the produce department of a grocery store.











With all that said, Tanja was both delicious and productive. Like a Beit Alpha or Lebanese-type, because of its thin skin the fruit of the Tanja does not require peeling. Despite not being perfect in other ways, the Tanja cucumber’s positive traits more than outweigh the fact that it doesn’t look like a perfect cucumber. If you don’t care for curved fruit and you would still like to try the Tanja, I would just plan to trellis the vine.

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