Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Almost Dark Carosello Spuredda Leccese

Sometimes knowledge can be a very good thing. Knowing that fire is hot and knowing the correct color for each wire to connect to an electrical switch are two examples in which knowledge can be very good. However, once someone has knowledge responsibilities soon follow – such as using the fire to cook dinner or fixing the light switches as part of someone else’s to-do list. 

In relation to my garden, the knowledge of what I can grow can sometimes create its own challenge. I can see that others grow a specific cucumber by a specific name or I could have grown a specific cucumber from a previous generation only to not encounter the same cucumber again.

Carosello Spuredda Leccese Dark 7/18/2019

In 2018 I grew a nearly completely dark Spuredda Leccese. However, I did not have as much luck as when I had grown it before. Either because the female flower was crossed with another variety or because the genetics of its mother fruit were not completely dark. The result was a "not quite dark" Spuredda Leccese. 

I’ll keep looking around. Hopefully, during some future carosello grow-out, I’ll find exactly what I’m looking for.

Carosello Spuredda Leccese (almost dark) 8/1.

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