Friday, May 1, 2020

SeedSelect Scopattizo or Spuredda Trial

Of all the carosello that I grew out this summer, I had some of the most hopes for this one. For one, look at the label. The cucumbers are all of similar size and length. Each fruit exhibits an outer skin that is light colored with dark green broken stripes.

Based on the package, who would guess that the seed inside would grow anything other than what the picture on the package advertises? However, from the outset I was under the assumption that the variety name is often more characteristic of the variety than the picture. Perhaps one of the plants would produce something like this and others would produce something else or perchance it was a mix of seeds that would produce different carosello. The only way to find out is to grow them.

Plants sprouting, March 21, 2019

March 26th

April 1st

April 3rd

April 10th

Apirl 11th

The plants of this variety grew quickly and did quite well. There were no major problems other than the “user error” of overwatering parts of the plants and not providing more of the microbial life nutrients in the soil mix that the plants needed. I’ll be working on fixing some of that this winter.

April 29th, developing female flower

April 30th, flower turning yellow

April 30th

May 1st

May 4th

May 21st - This is a poor picture at night - medium light/dark color

Overall, the plants ended up producing “Scopattizo” carosello fruit. These are carosello that are between light and dark in color. Tasty, but not exactly what the advertisers were trying to convey by the picture on the seed packet. It would not have been the first time that I have purchased packets of seed in the hopes that what grows would look somewhat like the advertised product. A case of false advertising? At least in my book, that would be a definite “Yes!”

May 26th: My second planting ended up producing much of the same results.

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