Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Agrolife Tondo Massafrese

One of the Carosello varieties I decided to grow out in 2019 was the Agrolife Tondo Massafrese. It is not that I do not already have a good Massafra variety. The truth is that I am always looking for other good variants of what I have to help provide additional positive genetic inputs into the seed I already have. Think of it as expanding the genetics of my future garden.

Growing the Agrolife Tondo Massafrese earlier in the season

While I enjoy many of my current carosello cucumber varieties, if I can get other similar variants of the same variety that have desirable traits, then the cross of these two variants should produce a more desirable carosello than their parents. This is why I am often growing similar carosello varieties. It is not just that I love growing carosello (which I do). It is also that I am continuing to look for the most productive beautiful and delicious cucumbers that the world has to offer.

Though a picture is worth a thousand words, many seed packets are worth two words in my vocabulary. The most common phrase I pick when looking at a carosello seed packet is “We’ll see”. As for this specific seed packet, my growout of this carosello left me saying just one thing: “Nope”.

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