Friday, March 6, 2020

Carosello Mezzo Lungo Barese

In 2018 I was looking for a couple of new varieties. I was interested to see if there was any huge difference between the very ancient variety of the Carosello Medium Long of Barese that my friend Angelo provided to me and the usual variety offered by seed companies.


The seed for this variety had been given to me back in 2013 and was probably old seed then. Fortunately, the seed did germinate (slowly) but took off as soon as planted in the fertile garden. Apparently - incredibly fertile soil has the capacity to bring about miracles with older seed. Perhaps it has to do with the healthy bacteria in the soil. In any case, everything grew quite quickly until I had to pull the plant.

Why pull the plant you ask? It is because I was having to isolate the carosello from the unknown carosello variety and the Medium Long of Tarantino. With having to go back to the garden almost every morning to ensure female flower purity, I was getting worn out. I had already grown a Mezzo Lungo Barese and honestly – this carosello can be a little too crisp for some of us. So, in short, the Medium Long of Barese vines were culled to make room for some more interesting carosello varieties.


  1. Dear Jay,

    I agree with you. The Carosello Mezzo Lungo Barese isn't the best of the carosello varieties. As in the case of the Mezzo Lugno di Polignano, it's too dry. I prefer the varieties with soft ans juicy flesh.


    1. Thanks for your response Giuseppe. I will gladly keep searching out the best carosello, meloncella or other cucumber-melons with you as long as I can.

      Thank you as always for your friendship!


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