Monday, February 17, 2014

Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea

A few years back we were at some community event in Downtown Tucson and a community group was giving away some seed packets containing old seed (perhaps with a low germination rate). I knew that my children enjoyed snap peas so I decided to try a few Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas. The rest is history.

Though I really should try to improve upon this snow pea variety I have to admit that this variety does so incredibly well that our children harvest a lot of peas on a daily basis. Within the 12 plants that I am growing some do better than others, though it is hard for me to judge which ones produce the most – perhaps I should ask my children!

Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow peas are lots of fun.

So here is my review of this incredibly productive pea variety. It is definitely semi-sweet and perfect for children. As we have enjoyed it in salads I can only imagine that Oregon Sugar Pod II peas would do very well stir-fried. It is medium sized and can support its neighbors if grown close together.

Peas aplenty, peas galore!

Oregon Sugar Pod II keeps them coming back for more and more and more.

Once the plants become established, if you pick all the peas off in one day, you can almost watch the flowers sprout peas out overnight.

My kids love to pick and pick and pick these peas!

Though I have grown other pea varieties in Tucson over the winter I have never grown one that is as productive as Oregon Sugar Pod II. So if you are looking for a pea variety to keep your children busy, order yourself a packet of this incredible variety.

Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas producing seed


  1. They sound perfect! I'm starting the seed buying process for the spring, I'll have to keep them in mind. My kids love picking veggies so much that it's hard to get the veggies to grow fast enough for them!

  2. Dear Indie,
    Yes- this is a great variety. My kids love to harvest - though they are not always aware of when the right time to harvest is. This is why snap peas are so easy for kids. They can harvest them whenever they want. (=

  3. I love these peas my favorite as well...

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dusty. Yes - I was surprised that a pea variety with such a long name could turn out so well. Now - if I can only have my children stop picking them so I can save some seed.

  4. Nothing better than fresh peas as you children and you know. Can't wait to start mine in a month....too frozen and snow covered here for now.

    1. Dear Donna,

      I hope you can get your peas started soon too!



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