Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Although my sweet potato harvest this year was larger than I expected, every other week sweet keep potatoes sprouting up.

Purple Sweet Potatoes keep sprouting up where the vines were growing.

 I did not mean for this to happen! 

I nearly tripped over this one!

Oh well. The influx of purple sweet potatoes has been added to our soups, chilies, and many other things I cook. Sometimes I just cook them up and eat them plain or with salt. Yum!

This picture is from today. Why can't the vines all produce within my garden?


  1. I wish we had the season to grow sweets and would love to try the purple ones.

    1. Dear Donna,

      Thanks for your response. Can you grow regular purple potatoes where you live? There are so many varieties I can only imagine they make a short season purple potato.

  2. I am thinking about attempting to grow them myself next year. My friend has some kumara going nuts in tubs and as we don't get frost much here on Serendipity Farm I figure we might be up for a few sweet potato invaders ourselves. I would give them their own bed so that they could just keep on keeping on if they liked. I am a great fan of perennial veggies (even if they are only perennial because I omitted to dig them all up ;) ) Cheers for the delicious share :)

    1. Dear RoadtoSerendipity,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I grew up in the bay area (Cupertino). I am sure that Sweet potatoes would do well there. Purple varieties are not quite as marketable as the orange vareities but I do believe they will be as we continue to develop them. Have you happened to look at any of the cucumber-melon varieties I grow. I bet they would do very well over there in Montery!


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