Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Spirit Garden and Thoughts

With how busy our family’s schedule is, I rarely get an opportunity to leave the house to do things for myself. So, going to visit a garden a few Saturdays ago was a special treat. I wanted to visit a garden without driving too far so I stopped by a nearby Community Gardens of Tucson plot. New Spirit Garden is one of my favorite Community of Gardens plots near my home at the corner of Camino Seco and Old Spanish Trail. Usually it is locked and inaccessible to the public, but on the Saturday of my visit one of the gardeners graciously let me come in to have a look around.

It is always nice to visit another's garden to get ideas and be inspired.

What interests me most is seeing what is working well for others and learning from others’ success and failures. Despite the warm weather it seems that peas are doing well for others this year.

This seems to be a good season for Peas

A red loose-leaf variety
Although I have not grown Kale yet, I would love to try it.
The vegetables that impressed me the most were the lettuces. Unfortunately the grower of this exceptionally dark lettuce variety was not around. I was really impressed by the full dark color that this leaf lettuce possessed.

Anyone know the name of this Purple/Red lettuce variety? It is beautiful!

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