Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Satsuki Midori Cucumber

My experience with growing cucumbers in the Southwest has led me to believe that the two type of cucumbers worth growing in our unbearable heat and full sun are either cucumber-melons (C. melo) or Japanese cucumbers. While looking for a vigorous, yet tasty cucumber variety I came across the Satsuki Midori Cucumber. I obtained my seed for this variety from Seeds of Change.

This Satsuki Midori Cucumber was sweet and delicious

This cucumber turned out to be fairly sweet, crisp, and delicious. I experienced no bitterness at all. It is similar to Suyo Long – except Suyo long has a finer texture while the Satsuki Midori is definitely sweeter. I would definitely grow it again.

The cucumber ends are pointed due to setting fruit in the heat

The only concern I have with this variety in this climate is that half the female blossoms failed to set, due to the heat of the middle of the day. The majority of the blossoms that did set were able to do so because they were protected by leaves.

Blossom set can decrease when flowers dry out in the heat

The plant itself tends to be heat tolerant, though the fruit is not. For those growing this variety in the southwest I would recommend partial shade to promote greater fruit production.

Fruit sets better behind the shade of foliage


  1. Just got back from AZ and it was so incredibly hot that I am amazed that anything will grow in such a climate. We have heat in our Utah gardens this time of year but the difference is that it almost always cools down in the evening. Kudos to you for making your dessert blossom. I've never heard of a Satsuki Midori Cucumber, but I'm thinking it may be a great choice for our garden as well. I always learn something new from you.

    1. Thank you as always, Carolyn. Satsuki Midori has to be one of the sweetest regular cucumber varieties I have eaten.

      I was just up in Utah, as my previous post states. The evenings were wonderful. It is no wonder why so many people migrate north in the summer!

  2. This cuke sounds wonderful. I am so amazed how much you grow in your garden in all that heat.

  3. Dear Jay,

    In your personal cucumber rank, is carosello ahead Satsuki Midori. Just kidding... It's always a pleasure to me reading your very interesting posts.

    1. Actually Satsuki Midori did pretty well. This cucumber variety is not as sweet or easy to digest as the Carosello, but it has a complex, yet sweet flavor.

  4. Where can I buy satsuki midori cucumbers?


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