Saturday, July 6, 2013

A New Mexico Gardening Getaway

Recently, my wife and I were able to get away to a really nice bed & breakfast in Southwestern New Mexico, called D&D's Organic Haven. Deb and her husband Dan do a great job taking care of people who need a getaway. The real highlight of this getaway is that I was able to get away from the work of my own garden while enjoying all the benefits of Deb's work in her garden. 

Backyard view at D&D's Organic Haven

A few of the flower beds at D&Ds

Some onions and beets

Deb caters to diverse food allergies and is more then willing to incorporate her produce into the meals. I had a great time.

Deb was a wonderful host

A pretty purple flower

Some pretty blue flowers

It was fun to see some of the same beetles that live in Tucson

Some of the chickens at D&D's Organic Haven

Deb has to cover most of her veggies so that she doesn't only feed critters

Some beets and onions

A young squash plant

Chard and Butterhead lettuce

Lettuce and Carrots

Another look at the beets & onions


  1. what a wonderful place to stay...I will have to remember it for when I travel to NM again...

  2. I love the Southwest. One day I'll be able to visit it!!!

    1. I hope you will be able to visit one day too! (=


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