Friday, February 24, 2023

The Gele Tros

This was an interesting variety I thought that I could try. In a whim, I decided to try grow a yellow cucumber cultivar. The source for my seed was Baker Creek Seed, which described this variety as a Dutch variety with a slight enjoyable bitterness.








I started the plants in 10” hydroponic baskets and transferred them to the garden at the offices where I work. Despite receiving a consistent water supply, this variety performed very poorly. While the soil conditions could have been one factor, I believe that the cultivar itself is primarily confined to performing well in a cool moist climate.


Though the texture of the Gele Tros is quite pleasant, to say that the variety exhibits a slight bitterness would be quite an understatement. While I would not say that it is the most bitter cucumber that I have ever tasted, the bitterness was quite bracing in all of the fruit I tried.


So – to summarize, the Gele Tros is a wonderful yellow cucumber, if you are only interested in how a cucumber looks. However, if consumption is your goal, I would steer clear of using the Gele Tros as your slicing cucumber of choice.



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