Friday, February 17, 2023

All Good Things at the Chicken Garden

After several years, lots of work and constantly investing my time and energy into improving the soil, I decided to finally hang my hat up at the chicken garden – at least as it pertains to growing cucumbers in the infertile rocky soil. Additionally, there were often issues with consistent water and my plants were often having to compete with other transplants that were put into the spaces all around where my plants occupied.





























Part of the issue involved the decreasing production of the plot. When I, as the gardener put more inputs into a garden and get less out for multiple years in a row I can feel frustrated.


















While there is still a possibility that I will be able to grow plants in this area again in the future, for now I will not be growing anything in this keyhole garden. Unfortunate as it is, sometimes continuing to put significant investments into something that is not paying back is not worth the effort.

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