Friday, December 3, 2021

Raised bed Sweet Potatoes

With all of the uncertainty in the world in 2020, I felt it would be wise to plant a little extra in each of the gardens that I managed, just in case it was needed. At the beginning of each season, I start the sweet potatoes in my greenhouse, then transfer them out to each garden as slips (small plants). 

As a result of planting sweet potatoes in multiple gardens I found, at the end of the season, that there was plenty of work for me to do, including harvesting sweet potatoes. 

I additionally discovered something else: In areas where there was a lot of carbon (degraded wood chips) the sweet potatoes were more hard and “woody” whereas in areas with less carbon sources, the sweet potatoes were darker and less woody. I know that this may be a very straightforward thing, but these kind of observations are important in determining what gardening conditions will produce the best sweet potato. Other than that, my harvest of sweet potatoes was pretty good.

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