Friday, April 30, 2021

The Amazing Taxi Tomatoes in a 10 inch hydroponic basket (in a 5 gallon bucket)

Of all the fool-proof tomato plants that I have grown, I don’t believe that I have ever grown anything that compares with the Taxi tomato. This tomato variety is, by far, the most dummy-resistant variety. It can suffer multiple stress-related injuries to the plant and its roots and still live to produce a decent crop of tomatoes.









 The tomato plant that I have pictured is in a 10 inch hydroponic basket within a 5-gallon bucket. The plant did extremely well and, given the conditions, produced very nicely. The tomatoes of this variety are ripe when they turn from bright yellow to a more golden-yellow color.








Would I recommend this variety for a container? Yes. There are very few tomato varieties that I believe would truly thrive in a container, but this is definitely one of them.


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