Friday, April 16, 2021

2020 Backyard Sweet Potatoes

Given that sweet potatoes don’t last long and that they generally don’t build up a lot of disease problems from one year to another, I planted my sweet potatoes in the exact same place as last year. Not in my main garden, but off to the side – next to where I plant my tomatoes.







Like the previous year, I started my sweet potatoes by growing them out in the greenhouse, then planting the slips out in the garden. I shared as many of the slips as I could with others – so as to not waste any. 





By late November, it was time to harvest the sweet potatoes. I usually come through with scissors to cut off all of the vines first and to reduce the possibility of getting a lot of the milky sap on my clothing. After cutting them back on the top, then I dig around the bottom to expose the actual sweet potatoes. This is best done by using some kind of fork to loosen the soil, then going back to gently feel out each sweet potato by hand.

Sweet Potato is in the Morning Glory Family

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  1. That's a good amount of food. I love the muted colors of the morning glories.



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