Wednesday, March 6, 2019

School Winter Gardens

From time to time, as I travel around for my job, I have the splendid opportunity to view the gardens that are grown at various elementary schools. Here are a couple of the winter gardens that I have been able to visit.

The first set of pictures is from a garden that I saw recently in the Lafayette area.

Here are some winter greens or radishes. I'm not exactly sure.

Pictured here are some collards some spinach and some swiss chard.

Here is a loose head of Romanesco Broccoli

 A better view of the Swiss Chard

And there seems to be some kind of collard greens or other winter vegetable from the cabbage family.

This second group of photos is from a row of pea vines grown at an elementary school in Martinez. Some of the flowers are quite beautiful.

 I hope that as each of you prepares for this upcoming gardening season, that you are able to get everything ready and that you enjoy your garden.

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