Monday, July 9, 2018

The Taxi Tomato

Being that I am a mostly red tomato fan, I was thinking that I would not really care for yellow tomatoes. But I was wrong. Last summer (2017) I planted Taxi tomatoes in a partially shady spot, hoping to get possibly a few tomatoes.

The plants ended up being one of my all-time tomato producers. In fact, they produce a lot more than some other hybrids. The size can be variable (with most being medium slicing size), but the general speed of production and the hardiness of the plants is incredible. No wonder so many seed companies put this variety on the top of their list of preferred yellow tomatoes.

One of the main concerns about this variety is that it is a determinate. However, it does seem to produce more than once and commonly produces off shoots that develop into healthy plants that produce even more tomatoes. That being said, I probably would not put this in to the same category as Celebrity, the ultimate “vigorous” determinate – which can last most of the summer without showing signs of stopping.

Another potential issue is that, much like some other determinates like Neptune, the fruit requires a bit more support when being trellised. As you can probably tell from the flimsy tomato cages I acquired from a neighbor who was giving them away, Taxi does well with a strong tomato cage and possibly some additional support, due to the amount of fruit it produces.

As for taste, the taxi has a very smooth, but well-rounded taste. It is not as sharp as some cherry varieties and exhibits a moderate amount of umami. The tangy acidic taste is very mild unlike some types of Beefsteak varieties.

Production starts early and lasts for about 3-4 weeks, possibly longer if it is cut back early to allow side-shoots to spread. The fruit is eatable when light yellow, but much exhibit a much heartier flavor when left on the vine until they are dark yellow.

Overall, I have been incredibly impressed by this yellow tomato variety. If I could find a red determinate open-pollinated variety that produced this well, it would surely win a regular spot in my backyard.

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