Monday, July 16, 2018

Mid-July Fertile Garden Update

Here is a quick update of what is going on in the fertile garden plot allotted to me by a friend of mine.

June 26th, about 2 weeks after sowing seeds.

I have three different kind of carosello growing right next to each other, which I am having to put cloth bags around to ensure that no cross-pollination occurs. The round one is an unknown variety, which looks a lot like a Tondo Barese or a light Mandurian Round. The second is an unknown half long of Barese. The third is a carosello Tarantino. I have at least 2 plants of each type in a very small space, so keeping them separate is currently quite a chore.

June 6th, 3 weeks after sowing

If none of the plants produce anything of special interest to me, I am always happy to eat them. One of the wonderful things about working with the carosello varieties is that, with exception to one variety I grew last year, you can always enjoy mistakes by eating them.

June 16th, 5 weeks after sowing.

I started sprouting some seeds from my friend Giuseppe. The idea is to save a “fluke” carosello variety that has some color traits that we find interesting. We will have to see if there is any consistency in how the fruit turns out. If the fruit coloring is inconsistent, then I may have to isolate some plants for the specific coloring that we are looking for.

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