Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cucumber Pretzel

While trying to de-hybridize the light Carosello Polisello cucumber variety, I came across this off-type light cucumber. Enjoy!

A Carosello Pretzel!

Fuzzy Cucumber Pretzel fun!

Now hairless, the cucumber meets its demise.


  1. Dear Jay,

    The same thing occurred to my Polisello. The only difference is the dark green upper part of the fruit. I think that my Polisello comes out from seeds you sent me in 2012 0r 2013.


    1. Well, the seed I received was from Angelo. Like I said in response to your latest blog post, it will probably take a while to stabilize this Polisello strain unless we find someone who possesses a more stable population that they have kept isolated from other C. melo plants.


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