Thursday, March 26, 2015

Still Growing

Despite spending time looking for other places to live, we still had a small winter garden this year consisting of lots of Jerico lettuce, snap beans, green onions (Texas Bunching) and carrots. Most of the carrots I grew this year were Purple Dragon. We have been enjoying those a lot. However, there were some of my purple Turkish, including this small one, that ended up on our dinner plates.

Turkish Black Carrot - Yummy!

Cut up and ready to be lightly steamed for dinner.



  1. Quite a yummy garden...especially those carrots. I love home grown fresh carrots.

  2. Thanks Donna! I really appreciate your support over the years. (=

  3. Yum! Those carrots look delicious! Now that's a variety I have never seen!

    1. Thanks! My parents were planning on traveling to Turkey and I asked them to pick some up while they were there. I was so grateful they found these! (=

  4. Woah, awesome carrot! We are going to grow some black carrots for the first time this year, which will be a lot of fun. I hope they grow as well as yours!

  5. Hi, where did you get your seeds for those turkish carrots, can you please share some? I cannot find any reliable source. Email bbqqngrill at gmail

    1. Dear Enternian,

      I am currently not doing carrot seed, but thank you for asking.

      They are out there:

      There is also this carrot:




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