Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweet Potato Update

So, back in mid-January I finished harvesting my purple sweet potatoes. Despite this being the first time that my children helped with the harvest, they did a great job. All told, by January we had harvested 278 pounds. Each variety did very well. I harvested plenty Dingess Purple, Alabama Purple (or Purple Delight) and All-Purple. Even a friend's pink variety did well.

The kids helped harvest these Sweet Potatoes

Though I had hoped to sell some on Craigslist, we may be eating a lot of them. That’s alright because my kids don’t mind eating lots of sweet potatoes. (=

Purple Sweet Potato Fries (=



  1. Your harvest has encouraged me to try, at least, regular potatoes again this coming summer.

  2. Wonderful they shared in harvesting before they shared in the harvest....and what a healthy food for them to love.

    1. Thanks Donna!

      I always appreciate your comments. (=

  3. Nice! How fun for the kids! I haven't grown sweet potatoes, but my kids have had fun growing different colored carrots. This year we got seeds for purple ones!

    1. Thanks for the response, Indie!

      What variety of purple carrots did you get? I grew purple sun earlier and wasn't very impressed as the seeds and carrots were incredibly small. I did better with the Turkish purple open-pollinated varieties. (=

  4. I especially like seeing the kids but I'd take some sweet potatoes too:)


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