Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Missing the Rain!

With the dearth of rainfall that we have received this last year has come an increase in poor air quality.

Rincon Mountains on May 16th (These mountains are close to my home)
Without moisture in the soil, the recent windy days have literally “picked up” the dirt from the ground and made it part of the air we breathe. Many people that I know in Tucson are having breathing problems because of the poor air quality (including yours truly).

A veiw of the Tucson Mountains on a air quality advisory day.

The Pima County has issued numerous air quality advisories recently. This lack of water has also affected the local insect population. I have seen very few pollinators when compared to this time last year. Additionally, a lack of rainfall means that the only source of water my plants recieve is city water. Whether a person is a gardener, farmer, or just wanting a drink of water - I hope this drought will remind each of us to pray for rain.

The Catalina Mountains and Mt. Lemmon in the distance on a air quality advisory day


  1. Here in Tasmania we suffer from long dry summers. Last summer we only had 2 rain events for the whole season. I feel your pain as we live on a steep slope on the side of a river with silty soil that tends to migrate as soon as a sniff of dry weather or wind is on the horizon. I hope it rains there for you guys soon...VERY soon.

    1. Dear Fran,

      Thanks for the response and for the well-wishes! I will keep hoping for a little moisture here in the Southwest! (=

  2. I hope you do get needed rain but when I lived in PHX I remember well these bad air quality days and the scarce water and also all the people irrigating their lawns...insanity


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