Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Carosello Bianco Leccese

As part of my little cucumber business I make sure to test seed germination (to make sure it is above 80%) before selling any seed. Instead of composting this pre-sprouted seed out, I planted the Carosello Bianco Leccese or Light Leccese in some pots and let them grow some fruit.

Some Carosello Leccese Light next to a home-grown tomato

One characteristic of the Carosello I have been working to identify is how long down the vine each variety tends to set fruit. The Carosello Bianco Leccese sets fruit very close to the center of the fruit, making it a very early producing Carosello variety.
A Compact growth habit makes this one of the earlier and faster-growing Carosello.

Carosello Leccese Bianco female Flower

Carosello Leccese Bianco - The female flower is setting fruit.

The fruit grows,

and grows,

and grows until the Carosello Leccese Bianco is ready to be consumed. (=

 A few years ago, one of my children tested positive for an allergy to cucumbers. He was very sad about this, as he loves cucumbers and pickles. Fortunately, he tested negative for an allergy to melons, which means he can eat any of my Carosello, Armenian or other cucumber-melons. When my garden produces some Carosello for him to eat, our whole family enjoys eating cucumbers together.

Slices of Carosello Bianco Leccese

Carosello and other cucumber-melons can be consumed by those who are
allergic to cucumbers - as long as they are not allergic to melons! (=

No cucumbers for this caterpillar - this bug will soon meet my bearded dragon!
Growing cucumbers next to the ground results in variable shapes

Is this the Carosello Bianco Leccese - or a pear?

In the Southwest, Carosello can be planting well into the fall. I will most likely be planting new varieties into July and September.


  1. Wow, I'm quite unfamiliar with a cucumber-melon and have never had one before. It sounds interesting!

  2. I know you have written about these but I will have to explore them more for next year as I love both cukes and melons.


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