Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Carosello Tondo Barese Trial

In between growing two other varieties of Carosello this last summer I decided to grow out a few seeds of another variety called Carosello Tondo Barese. Tondo refers to the fruit being round. There is definitely a correlation between cucumber growth and the amount of organic material in the soil, because the plants I planted in more fertile soil grew much faster than those without the more fertile soil.

Based on growing so few plants of this variety I didn’t get as much of a chance to taste this variety as much as observe it. Over time I have noticed that some Carosello varieties tend to fruit closer to the stem (which I believe is better for short-season gardens) while other varieties tend to fruit farther from the stem. The Carosello Tondo Barese definitely set fruit closer to the stem, which is something very helpful to know when growing this variety in the future. Though an early set of fruit can be adventitious, I believe that there are equal benefits to how the fruit sets, no matter what climate you live in.


  1. Dear Jay,

    Be sincere. After publishing this post, you expected my comment, right? Well, I didn't want to disappoint you...
    I agree with your analysis about the Carosello Tondo Barese (so called because from Bari, Puglia).
    In my experience, I noticed that some varieties of carosellos stop producing when they are in the middle of their life, but they restart producing after two or three weeks. This happened with the Carosello Tondo Barese as well. Have you noticed that as well?
    As you know, I grow carosellos in vertical and this year after a hard start due to a cold and rainy springtime, they have produced as ever in the past. The Tondo Barese has given 3,6 kg, but the king has been The Tondo di Manduria (the light green one, without splotches) who has produced 7,5 kg so far. Now it is passing away , but I hope to harvest some more fruits...

    1. Dear Giuseppe,
      Thank you for still following my blog. I have been so busy lately!

      I have noticed what you mean about the fruit production. In the Carosello I have grown I believe that as soon as seed production begins the plant gives all of its energy to producing the seed. Perhaps this is part of why some varieties slow down their production part way through the season. As soon as a few of the fruit set, the other fruit growth is suspended until the first fruit successfully matures or is picked.

      The Tondo di Manduria tends to be a favorite one for many gardeners. I have only grown it once, but it was able to tolerate an acidic soil that other varieties were not able to grow in.

      Over time I am hopeful that we will increase our small club of “Carosello Fanatics”. =)

      Until then I wish you “Happy Gardening” this season and always.

  2. Dear Jay, I purchased the barattiere melon from you in 2013 or 14 and finally planted it this year. The garden is in zone 7 North Alabama and it was planted in late June in mushroom compost and well aged manure. Today the vine is covered in fruits that are large and heavy. Their perfume is beautiful and the flavor sweet tender/crisp and more cucumbery than a regular cucumber. I cannot believe I had these seeds for so long and missed growing them before. They are so much better than good! Thanks for offering them.

  3. Dear FiberFlair,

    Thank you so much for your very kind words. They warm my heart. Growing these Carosello for me is not just a business or a hobby, but a passion for something I enjoy dearly. I so appreciate your enjoyment of the Barattiere variety.

    I wish you the very best and many more years of happy gardening!


  4. Replies
    1. It begins as a very small bushy plant and remains so for a while, but can grow out a ways if picked regularly.


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