Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Purple Sweet Potato Pie at Christmas

The Friday before Christmas I took my sweet potatoes to a local farmer’s market. Unfortunately, there was very little interest in them. Perhaps I can try again soon.

Making Purple Sweet Potato Pies

The next day I made some purple sweet potato pies in preparation for Christmas. It was humbling to see how much everyone enjoyed the pies - everyone wanted more.

Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Gluten-Free Purple Sweet Potato Pie

I made four pies – two with graham cracker crust and two with a gluten-free crust. I wish that people’s love of pies would translate to their buying my purple sweet potatoes.

Kids love Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Oh well – I’ll just keep trying! (=

21 people + Purple Pie = No more pie.


  1. Oh too bad I would love them !!!!

  2. Shame you couldn't get more interest in your potatoes. Your pie looks purpley delicious. I would be tempted to serve it with stewed blueberries

    1. It does have a little bit of a blueberry "zing" to it. I think the fun aftertaste is highly affected by the presence of the chemical anthocyanin.

  3. Maybe you should just sell the pies at the market! Thanks for the tips on squash over at my blog. Have a great weekend.

    1. Oh - Thank you Paige!

      I enjoyed reading your blog quite a bit!

      I wanted to sell the pies at the market, but the state won't grant me a license - not even if I take a class. I've worked in foodservice before and this is just silly.


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