Thursday, January 17, 2013

Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper

Of all my peppers that got shaded out by my Sunchoke plant this last summer, my Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper did the best.

Purple Beauty Pepper Plant

I only got a handful of peppers from it – but that is the way it is with growing tomatoes and their relatives here in Tucson.

Purple Beauty Plant growing

Thought the outside of the pepper becomes purple, it does so at a time in the pepper’s growth when the inside is still green. As I don’t care much for the taste of green peppers, I chose to grow this variety until the peppers matured to their red color.

Purple Beauty Pepper Plant producing peppers

The Peppers are now Purple

Other than the fact that the inside was green, I would definitely grow this variety again. The purple pepper tasted more like a green pepper. When I let it grow to its mature state, the red pepper was quite sweet. This plant exhibited great heat resistance, great disease resistance, and it did well for longer than my other peppers.

A mature Purple Beauty Pepper is red inside and out

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  1. I hope to try some other peppers as the bell just have too hard a time growing here...but I love red peppers! Maybe I will try one more time :)


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