Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tucson Wood Chips

Less than half of my initial pile
Whilst I was visiting the Community Gardens of Tucson’s webpage a couple years back I noticed a link that said “Free Mulch Tucson”. It was a link to Romeo’s Tree Service which will, once you fill in your information, drop off a free load of wood chips to your home. It can take 1-4 months for the wood chips to come, so you have to do this with a little planning in mind. Additionally, as a word of caution, they can bring several yards of wood chips at once. It can be quite a lot. Make sure you tell them a location where you are okay with them dropping it. One day there were no wood chips, and the next day, there were wood chips where I told the company to drop them off in my alley.

I mostly utilized the wood chips by sifting them out into my compost. But you can use them any way you like. It took a year for me to work even half the amount that I was given into my compost. The pictures that I am posting here is less than half the amount I started with.

Free Wood Chips in Tucson from Romeo's Tree Service.


  1. question: does it seem to you that it would be safe to use this as a dog bedding? i have a boxer who will be spending a fair amount of time outside, and she likes to lay beneath our African Sumac trees in the shade. however, she gets filthy there; i am thinking of using wood chips there and am just wondering if you encountered many thorns in the mix.


    1. Dear D ro,
      Thanks for the question.

      It completely depends on what trees Romeo tree service is cutting at the time. Most of the wood chips I received did not have thorns though most of the wood was shredded instead of in chunks like one would expect of animal bedding. I hope this helps.

      Thanks again for the question!


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