Thursday, May 24, 2012

LBBs Attack!

Beware - LBBs are everywhere!
After reading about an encounter one author had with Little Brown Birds (LBBs) eating her plant seeds my reaction was, “That won’t happen to me.” Oh how wrong I was. After growing out some of my Viroflay Spinach to seed I came out one morning to see the LBBs flying away and my spinach seed scattered everywhere.

I tried hanging some bright shiny foil around the spinach. This worked before to keep birds away from my tomatoes - but not this time. The birds knew how good the first batch was and kept coming for more.

So what does this mean? This means that those spinach seeds which I saved earlier (before the LBBs descended upon my plot) will mature and possibly bolt a little sooner than I had desired.

I hope that those gorged LBBs that feasted on my seeds get a bad stomach ache!

Scattered Seeds is all that remains of the LBB's feast.

Plastic Foil Strips will sometimes scare birds away-  if used preventitively.


  1. I have a family of blackbirds, the last and this year has eaten my little plants of squash and courgettes. A terrible problem... :-(

    1. You would think there would be an easier way to solve this problem than just bird netting. The foil strips have worked in the past - but only if the birds haven't tasted how good my crop is first.

  2. This is the problem!
    Last year I hung up the CDs (compact disc) did not work!
    are the same foil strips.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. I think I'm finally going to buy bird netting!

  3. Yessss! Bird netting is the solution!!!
    Pat =)


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