Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At the Jessie Owens Farmer’s Market

Selling cucumbers and beans at the Farmer's Market
Occasionally, when my garden produces too many vegetables I sell my organically grown produce at the Jessie Owens Farmer’s market. Even though this market is pretty slow in comparison to others in Tucson, the individuals who run the market are both helpful and friendly. The first time I sold there was in the fall of 2010. Our first experience at the market left my daughter and I selling out all of our excess cucumbers before the market even began. In sharp contrast, this last year I stood outside for many hours to sell off just one of my 25 pound squash. The only was I was able to sell it was by taking 1 ½ hours to cut it up the night before. Sadly, I was forced to lug the remainder of my unappreciated squash home with me. I wonder if I sold less because of less demand for my crop or because I didn't have my children with me.


  1. Maybe if you had made a sign naming the squash and suggesting all the ways it can be used. My reaction when I saw your Long of Naples was "Holy cow!" The kids might help, too. Bashful buyers might ask a kid about the squash whereas they wouldn't ask you. --Mizz Chairman of the Garden

    1. Thanks for the suggestions!
      I am really new to selling at markets, though I do think the main problem I had with selling was the product. Without being cut up (which can take 1-2 hours) these squash can be really daunting! The only way I can see to sell this squash variety is cut up.


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