Friday, March 22, 2024

Bono Cucumber in the Raised Bed

I decided to try out the Bono because it was a hard-to-find cucumber variety. The fruit grew very well, without any issues. The primary concern that the vines encountered while growing was insufficient light due to nearby plants that were growing next to the Bono. This delayed fruiting only slightly, and by the end of the season, the Bono was doing just as well as all the other varieties near it.










I would say that the vine length is moderately small, meaning that the Bono is a little on the compact side, but not as compact as bush pickling varieties. Bono is a tasty Swiss slicing cucumber variety that is quite productive.












Bono cucumbers are crispy, juicy and consistently shaped – making them more suitable for market growing than some other open-pollinated varieties. Even when left to sprawl, the white-spined fruit will produce 4-5 inch relatively straight fruit. Though this is generally considered a slicing cucumber, the fruit would work great for pickling.

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