Friday, January 26, 2024

2022 Insects throughout the Season

So here are a few pictures of insects that I found throughout the season. The first picture is of a mantid ootheca I found while walking at a nearby creek on New Year’s Day. The next is some ladybugs I found on a walk. Then are some pictures of a mantid on some flowers and some mantids I found nearby.






















It looks like one of the mantids made it to adulthood, as I later found this girl molting into an adult. I also happened to find a brown adult female mantid and found another green adult female.



























Finally, I had a chance encounter with a large jumping spider in my garage carrying babies on her back.










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  1. Are you sure that is a jumping spider? Looks like a wolf spider to me... it is interesting seeing them with all those babies...
    Nice pics of praying mantis... While seeing an egg cluster hatch is cool... I can't say that I'd be picking them up...


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