Friday, October 27, 2023

Harmony Organics Soil Trial

While I did purchase soil from a local landscape supply company early in the season it turned out that whatever was in the soil was not necessarily appropriate for growing vegetables in. So I looked around for organic soil suppliers until I found Harmony Organics in Benicia, California.









From Harmony, I tried out four different soil mixes. My primary goal of the trial was to find a mix I could use for soil blocks and to directly plant in – for raised bed gardens. A “super compost”, a raised bed mix, “Grower’s Premium” promix and a mix that they called “MoBetta”. To do the trial properly, I used healthy seed with good germination and made sure that they had all sprouted prior to putting them in 2” soil blocks made from each of the 4 different mixes.










While the super compost and the raised bed mix didn’t do that well, the Grower’s premium did extremely well to begin with. By the end of the trial though, only all of the seedlings in the “MoBetta” section had sprouted out. I decided that I really needed fertility in my gardens, so chose the Grower’s premium promix for my raised beds. As the MoBetta had more peat and coir, I decided that I could add these to the Grower’s premium to make my soil blocks.

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