Friday, August 18, 2023

A Short Season for Salt & Pepper

Immediately after I could distinguish the smooth Carosello Leccese from the other more scalloped fruit in my Carosello Leccese trial, I cleared the smooth-fruited plants out in order to make room for some Salt and Pepper cucumbers. I was critically low on seed and it was important for me to try growing them. The Salt and Pepper cucumbers did really well at first and they grew pretty well. Unfortunately, due to some kind of problem related to the soaker hose, the plants did not get the consistent amount of water that they should have.






Just like when I first grew out Salt and Pepper in the chicken garden, I really enjoyed growing this variety. It is an unassuming little variety that has a really nice texture, it is generally pretty consistent and good. It also did extremely well with fending off powdery mildew from a cucumber-melon variety growing next to it. 
















After the harvest and seed processing, I was very excited about being able to provide Salt and Pepper seeds to others. Unfortunately, for some reason, the germination turned out pretty poor. I allowed one of the mature fruit to sit until it became fairly soft, then harvested seed. I hope that this will enable me to harvest at least a little bit of good seed. I will also seek to find other small seed producers to determine if I can source this variety from another grower.

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