Friday, December 23, 2022

My Daughter Plants Peppers

One day my daughter was eating a pepper and asked me if she could plant the seeds. Having dealt with her already planting a peach tree and another unknown tree seed, I was glad to tell her that she could plant an annual (or possibly slightly perennial) plant.



















She grew her little seedlings and nourished them. Then, before our trip in June, I told her that she could plant some on the edge of my garden. After our summer trip, she was horrified to see that my cucumber plants had shaded out her pepper plants. I did my best to trim around the plants and keep them alive. By late October, the pepper plants had the remaining light throughout the day.












Based on how the plants grew and that fact that we had purchased them from a big-chain grocery store, I would infer that the seeds were hybrid and that the large variation in size had something to do with the fact that the peppers had different parents. But that being said, the peppers were still pretty good.

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