Friday, October 15, 2021

The Spacemaster Cucumber

My experience with the Spacemaster cucumber was somewhat interesting. It grew rather well and normal, generally speaking. The Spacemaster cucumber variety put on fruit a little early and the fruit did mostly grow near the center of the plant – meaning that it was a little more “bushy” than your average cucumber variety. However, this is about where the space efficiency stops.

If I were wanting something that was much more space-efficient I would grow something like a Light Carosello Leccese for fresh eating or Arkansas Little Leaf for pickling. But I suppose if I had a bucket that was large enough, then this would be a fine variety to grow there.

The productivity of this variety was good and the color of the cucumbers was interesting with some of them having stripes coming from the flower tip in a star-shaped lighter color that spreads across the length of the fruit. As a dual purpose (fresh-eating and pickling) cucumber variety, I am sure that Spacemaster would do fine.


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