Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Trialing a Russian Cucumber-Melon

From most all of what you see on my blog, one might begin to believe that I prefer Italian cucumbers above all else. Not true! In fact, I am always looking for new and different cucumber-melon varieties from anywhere in the world.

The smaller plant on the left is the Russian variety

That brings me to this variety. Though I have become quite advanced at butchering the pronunciation of many Italian Carosello varieties, I don’t even try to pronounce this. If someone who speaks Russian can tell me how to pronounce it and what it means, I’ll gladly update this post to include this important information.

I grew this one after the Zorzi Carosello Leccese in the same spot. It grew pretty well and produced fruit. I’m not really sure what to think of the fruit other than it looks like a type of Mandurian or some other light carosello. If you would like to purchase this variety online and try it out, please do. 

Germination was good – no problem there. As with many seed packets I get, this variety just lacked in the area of “picture matches the end product”. I’m even happy to have kept trying this variety, if I didn’t have many other light round carosello varieties to choose from. My overall take on this Russian carosello variety was I would grow it if I didn’t have anything better.

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