Friday, November 1, 2019

Salt and Pepper Cucumber

For some reason, I have had a pretty good track record with easy-growing tasty white cucumbers. One of the very first cucumbers I grew in Tucson was a white cucumber – I believe it was White Wonder. I started it very early in the season in a pot set right against the front of my house because of the radiant heat that would come off the brick. It didn’t produce a whole lot (probably because it was in a container) but it did taste good.

The Salt and Pepper Cucumber

June 26th, 2018

July 2nd

July 11th

July 18th

July 28th

August 8th

Salt and Pepper was one of the very first cucumbers to grow for me. As the soil was far from good, I can honestly say that this variety does well in poor soils. It also matured more quickly than a lot of the other cucumbers.

August 8th

I would have to say that it is not the kind of cucumber you could expect to last through the whole season, so it would be wise to do succession plantings with this variety. This does not mean that the plants succeed – though hopefully they will. Rather, succession plantings are when we plant an initial crop earlier than plant another one the next month, then another one the following month. In this way, we can enjoy a season full of cucumbers - or any other fast-growing vegetable that matures quickly and finish up earlier.

This cucumber starts out white, with distinct black colored spines. As the fruit matures, its skin becomes more of a creamy yellow. The taste of this variety is a good, with a very slight tangy aftertaste. Nothing too special, but definitely worth growing if you are going to grow regular cucumbers – especially at the beginning of the season.

August 13th

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