Friday, August 10, 2018

Chicken Garden Update

And now we will revisit the garden of my friend with the chickens.


The chickens are quite fun to watch when they are eating, even though it times it looks like they are walking in circles.

As I have been growing in this very infertile ground, I have been adding lots of amendments. Over time, the plants have been growing much faster.

When I planted this garden, I thought I would try growing a few regular cucumber varieties. Here are a few pictures of the Northern Pickling cucumber variety.

At the same time, I really enjoy seeing what the same kind of Carosello from different sources grow like. Here are some Carosello Spuredda Leccese (the dark cylindrical carosello). Although it is apparent that most of the maturing flowers are dark, the shades, shapes and patterns of the fruit do seem to be a little different from each seed source.

Though growing is a bit slower in this garden than the other, I have enjoyed the extra gardening space immensely. If my friend allows for me to garden here again, I will make sure to work a lot more on prepping the soil this next season.

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