Saturday, April 28, 2018

Waiting for the Heat

Over the course of the winter I have been building up my compost around my orange tree and I have been feeding a family of bluebirds from my food waste compost bin. The compost is filled with worms and other critters that are quickly breaking down the leaves and other refuse into dark nutrient-rich soil. The extended cool season has been very good for my onions, garlic and fava beans. Additionally, the tomato plants don’t seem to mind the cooler weather too much.

Leaves and other plant material turning into healthy soil

Fava Beans affected by the wind.

Fava bean pods

Although I moved to Northern California to escape the heat, I am really missing how well my carosello do with the heat of Southern Arizona. Being used to starting my first crop at the beginning of March, it is difficult to hear that I will probably have to wait to start in May until I can figure out how to raise the temperature of my garden. I thought I had already learned patience when waiting all winter to put my plants into the ground!

An earlier attempt to start my carosello plants

My most recent attempt to start my carosello plants

I have had a lot of difficulty with my summer crops so far – except for the tomatoes. The only place where my carosello are doing well now is the one place that I don’t have a good watering system – in my greenhouse. I am considering my options for watering my greenhouse plants – though I would prefer to do something that did not involve having the greenhouse plants watered by the same soaker hoses as the outdoor plants.

In the greenhouse the carosello are doing quite well.

The Carosello in my greenhouse

Another carosello in the greenhouse

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