Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Greyzini Zucchini

Here is a zucchini variety that I purchased only to find out later that it is a hybrid variety. With there being so many good open-pollinated zucchini cultivars, why any gardener requires a hybrid that produces more is a mystery to me. This is your basic "gray/grey" type zucchini. Nothing special, but the plants look nice and remained healthy most of the season. Flavor is that of a regular zucchini. That being said, freshly cut zucchini is delicious when part of a raw vegetable platter.

At about this point, I decided that I wanted to eat more than just zucchini this summer. There is a little joke around gardeners that you should never leave your car window down or your house unlocked during a good growing season, or you'll find someone "gifted you" with some large zucchini. As a result of the prolific production of these plants, I eventually cut back to just one plant - which is plenty for a family of six.

The Greyzini Zucchini

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