Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Italian Friend

Ever since discovering the Armenian cucumber, I knew that there was something more exciting and interesting in the world of cucumbers. After a while, I read up about cucumber varieties called “Carosello”, but knew very little about how to purchase the carosello varieties that I wanted. Then, back in March 2012, an Italian gardener contacted me saying that he grew some Italian cucumbers on his balcony by the name of carosello. Over time, he and I have been able to share our love of the carosello cucumbers with one another. 

My friend, Giuseppe is very modest. Though he has been growing carosello cucumbers on his balcony for some time, he quickly admits that this is just his first time at blogging. His Carosello Pugliese blog is named after the region where many of the carosello cucumber-melons come from. Though I only write my blog posts in English, he writes them in both Italian and English, which I greatly appreciate! 

Giuseppe's balcony is very nicely kept!

To get a better idea of the kind of area that Giuseppe has to work with, you would have to get to know his garden better. In reading his balcony post, I still marvel at how much he is able to produce given the limited space he has allotted for growing. He does a good job detailing how much he is able to grow within the area he has.

Giuseppe grows peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers and yes – the carosello. I highly recommend that you check out his posts on these incredible fuzzy cucumbers that deserve not only a spot on the balcony, but on the dinner plate!

This was some of Giuseppe's harvest from last July

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