Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Harvest Time

A couple Saturdays ago we had a fall harvest festival and a truck-or-treat.

My youngest, with Tomatoes in the background

A local favorite vegetable market, Larry’s Produce, goes all out with lots of free activities for the kids and very reasonably priced activities and produce for the family.
The oldest son, supporting his local team.

The youngest son with tomato fields behind him.

Larry's tends to have the highest quality produce in the area. They do a good job of either growing their own produce or purchasing from farmers in the surrounding area.

The three children, with people purchasing produce in the background.

While picking out my veggies there last Saturday, I asked a fellow customer if they believed I could get a giant head of red lettuce at the grocery store for 50 cents, like Larry's. He just laughed and said, yes - "for 50 cents per leaf!"

My three younger children, with a few big pumpkins

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