Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cleaning up Summer

Over Veteran's Day my wife lovingly provided me with the time to clean up my summer garden and harvest my sweet potatoes. The crop experienced a light frost a couple days beforehand and I reasoned that I would not have any time between then and when a hard frost came to spend cleaning up my summer garden.

My Summer Garden Back in August

A light frost and time off provides clean-up opportunities

My 2012 Summer Garden has come to an end

Due to the extent of the vine growth, most of my time was spent cutting back Purple Hyacinth Bean and Sweet Potato foliage.

A few of the composted vines - my wife humored me in taking this picture

It is difficult to see the end of a season, though, especially in warmer climates – the death of plants in one season means the life of plants in the new season.

~With this thought I say goodbye to summer and hello to winter!~


  1. It is sad when the garden is done but we look forward to the next season and the joy of starting all over again. I am in the Phoenix area for Thanksgiving. I do miss the warm sun and have enjoyed visiting AZ. Enjoy your winter.

    1. Dear Donna,

      I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoyed the warmth of Arizona while you were down here!

      With deep respect,

  2. Glad to see you got the iconic farmer photo of yourself but where were your overalls?

    1. Thanks for making me laugh!

      I suppose I should get myself some overalls if I'm going to pose next to my garden with a pitchfork. (=


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