Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Neighbor’s Garden

Despite my many setbacks, one of my neighbors must have been inspired by my perspiration in my garden because they decided to start a garden of their own. The only place in their yard that has a good place for a garden is on the north side of the house. This enables them to grow things that would grow in a little bit cooler climate. However, growing in Tucson is always a challenge in the summer. 

My neighbor's garden with peppers, sweet potato, potato, carrots and onion

They are currently growing some onion, some regular potatoes and a few pepper plants. I gave them a sweet potato. 

I'm hoping these regular potatoes produce well

Hopefully everything grows well through the summer – perhaps they’ll have a little more luck than I do with some of these varieties.

Carrots in Tucson's Summer do alright

Onions in Tucson's Summer - I'm hoping they do well

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  1. Nice to know when we have inspired folks...I also gave away tomato seedlings to neighbors and friends who excitedly give me updates.


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