Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Magic Garden Nursery

A year or two ago I was having a difficult time and wanted to relax taking a look at what vegetable varieties were available from a local nursery (who shall remain un-named). While browsing the seed rack with another customer I told him about a few vegetable varieties that had grown well for me. Upon hearing the conversation between the other customer and I, the manager/owner of the nursery angrily told me to leave and added that I was never welcome to come back. Having purchased garden supplies from the nursery before, I left confused and upset at how I was treated.

Within a few days I came to Magic Garden Nursery to find friendly people, who care about me just as much as they care about the plants they grow.

I love coming here.
The above true story is just one of many reasons why I patronize the Magic Garden Nursery. A few other reasons include some very knowledgeable staff, an inviting laid-back atmosphere and the fact that they carry a great selection of heirloom (and a few award-winning hybrid) vegetable plants that do well in my climate.

Just some of their vegetable starts

Pepper Starts

More Peppers

Some Squash
Though I remain pretty self-sufficient most of the time, occasionally I choose to splurge. Rather than growing from seed once or twice I year I buy a Celebrity Tomato plant, or a hard-to-find heirloom that is already half grown or some soil ammendments. I also enjoy browsing seed racks to find vegetable varieties that I have heard might do well in my climate.

The problem with Celebrity Tomato Plants in a small cage is large tomatoes

Celebrity Tomatoes don't like being confined (=

Tony Sarah, the manager, has teased me about how little I buy compared to how much I browse, but I don’t mind – because as long as they continue being kind to me I’ll keep spending my money there.

Ornamental Sweet Potatoes

Some Pretty Orange Flower

I'm no expert on flowers - here are some nice yellow ones

Floral Displays are always attractive

Magic Garden Nursery has a pretty fun website that reflects their approach to gardening  – that it should be fun and enjoyable. If you live in Tucson and have had a difficult time at any another nursery I highly advise you come down to Magic Garden.


  1. Wow, what a crazy store manager!! Unbelievable. I'm glad you found a good nursery that actually wants business and treats their customers accordingly!

  2. How crazy is that nursery...really...glad to see you found a wonderful nursery...would love to find one like this with heirlooms...,ost just carry the same old hybrids...

    1. Thanks Donna. Me too. The reason that I enjoy heirloom seed is to keep myself independent from seed companies.

  3. Wonderful bat...I am in Italy!
    The sweet potato varieties I would want all to them!

    1. Dear Pat,

      I do love growing sweet potatoes. I am not familiar with sweet potatoes in Italy. What kind of sweet potatoes do you grow there?

    2. I dont know the names of the varieties.
      I see 3 types:
      skin purple, light green leaves;
      light brown skin and brown skin. the first year that I try to grow sweet potatoes.

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